AMZDIV: all about this card operation in 2 minutes

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Origin Online purchase
Recurrent Yes
Cancellable online Yes

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AMZDIV: what is this charge?

You are seeing AMZDIV card transactions because you are subscribed somewhere on the internet. There are plenty of sites that offer subscriptions. If you don't think you subscribed somewhere, it must be because you simply took a trial offer or participated in a contest.

It is common for Internet users to end up subscribing to services without knowing it. If this is your case, read on to stop AMZDIV spending.

AMZDIV every month on my account: how do I unsubscribe?

Good news ! Unsubscribing from AMZDIV is simple and can be done online. To do this, you can contact them directly or consult their website. From the moment you are unsubscribed, card purchases will cease.

If you want help canceling the subscription, there are online services for that (for example, I stop the costs!, the subscription termination service). These are paid services that put experts at your disposal.

Contact AMZDIV customer service: how to do it?

You will find the AMZDIV contact directly on their website.

Generally, platforms that collect Internet users on a recurring basis can offer three means of contact: an email address, a contact form, and/or a telephone number.

Suing AMZDIV in court: is it possible?

Several Internet users have asked us this question. Be careful, if you are the one who made the purchase (that is to say, if your card was not stolen or hacked on the internet) then it is not a scam so it will be difficult to warrant prosecution.

If you have any doubts, you can ask your bank who will be able to help you.

One last piece of advice: how to protect yourself from future unknown withdrawals?

Rule number 1 is to know and understand where you enter your credit card details on the internet. For this, two main principles:

  1. Consult the legal notices and general conditions of sale of the site on which you wish to make a purchase (you generally find the links to these pages at the bottom of the websites). You can also enter the site name into a search engine to view reviews.
  2. remember that nothing is free ! Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you are THE lucky one who won a smartphone or a trip. That you can access free services that are normally paid for (whether streaming series or films, dating sites, clairvoyance consultations, sports coaching or any other service). If you are asked to pay a small amount with your credit card (for a trial offer, to pay shipping costs or for any other reason), make sure it's not a commercial mechanic to subscribe to a service for which you will be billed monthly.

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