AQAX3T: how did I subscribe?

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Origin Online purchase
Recurrent Yes
Cancellable online Yes

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AQAX3T: prevent payments of this type

Your bank account shows a regular AQAX3T payment because you are subscribed to a service on the internet. These sites are very numerous and it is quite easy to subscribe to them. There are other types of sites that also offer registrations for online games, or registrations for trial periods without warning you when the trial is over.

If you no longer want, or have never wanted to subscribe to AQAX3T, follow this guide.

Do you no longer wish to subscribe to AQAX3T?

Rest assured it is quite possible to unsubscribe from this type of subscription. You can simply contact AQAX3T customer service via their contact page and follow their instructions. In general, no commitment is associated with these websites and your payments will stop as soon as you unsubscribe.

You can't unsubscribe yourself or you don't have time? Know that specialists have created a service on the internet dedicated to unsubscribing from online sites. For example, you can contact I stop the costs! who will do all the steps for you.

I can't find AQAX3T's phone number, how can I contact them?

To unsubscribe, contact AQAX3T directly via their web page

You will find the means to contact them on their contact page or in the legal notices. This often takes the form of a contact form. Always check that your message has gone well thanks to a confirmation message displayed on the site or in your mailbox. You can also find an email address to contact directly.

AQAX3T: is it a scam? How do I protect myself?

This is a very common question. It is normal to want to be reimbursed for a subscription. However, if you or someone in your household has made a payment by entering your credit card, then it is not a scam. Legal proceedings will therefore be useless and unjustifiable.

Your bank is able to help you protect yourself from unwanted purchases, do not hesitate to contact them to make you aware of purchases on the internet.

One last piece of advice: how to protect yourself from future unknown withdrawals?

Rule number 1 is to know and understand where you enter your credit card details on the internet. For this, two main principles:

  1. Consult the legal notices and general conditions of sale of the site on which you wish to make a purchase (you generally find the links to these pages at the bottom of the websites). You can also enter the site name into a search engine to view reviews.
  2. remember that nothing is free ! Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you are THE lucky one who won a smartphone or a trip. That you can access free services that are normally paid for (whether streaming series or films, dating sites, clairvoyance consultations, sports coaching or any other service). If you are asked to pay a small amount with your credit card (for a trial offer, to pay shipping costs or for any other reason), make sure it's not a commercial mechanic to subscribe to a service for which you will be billed monthly.

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