Complete guide to avoiding big brand scams

Navigating the world of online shopping can be as risky as it is rewarding, especially with the proliferation of scams exploiting the names of big brands to defraud consumers. This article is your shield against these practices, offering an immersion into the red flags and precautionary measures to secure your online transactions.

The false promises of (fake) luxury fashion sites

The lure of luxury brands at discounted prices has always been a weakness for many consumers. However, behind attractive offers often hide pitfalls. To avoid falling for these scams, stay informed about sites offering articles of Ralph Lauren at knockdown prices, or suspicious discounts on Tommy Hilfiger products. Also be wary of offers on Ray-Ban products, luxury items The Kooples, or some promotions on Michael Kors.

Electronics and household appliances: hunting grounds for scammers

Electronic equipment and household appliances are prime targets for online scams. Before letting yourself be tempted by offers on Samsung products, Moulinex devices at low prices, or some tempting Ryobi equipment, take the time to verify their authenticity. Also be careful with purchases of Philips products, offers on Rowenta household appliances, And promotions on Sony products.

Pet food and care scams

Pet owners looking for the best deals for their companions should be vigilant about sites offering Royal Canin products at discounted prices, Purina pet food at low prices, or some offers on Pedigree products. Vigilance is also required for Orijen food shopping and Whiskas products sold online.

Brand toy scams (Lego, Playmobil, Paw Patrol, etc.)

Parents looking for good deals for their children should pay particular attention. Sites offering Playmobil toys at unbeatable prices to offers on Lego products can be misleading. It is crucial to check the reliability of sites offering Paw Patrol products at low prices and Nerf toys on sale.

Sports and well-being: beware of fake brand sites

Sports and wellness enthusiasts are not spared from scams. Before letting yourself be seduced by Salomon items at reduced prices, Puma fitness equipment on sale, or some Under Armor sportswear at low prices, ensure the credibility of the site. Keep a critical eye on offers for Reebok products and Adidas sports shoes on sale.

Tools and DIY: avoid counterfeits and scams

DIY enthusiasts should be especially careful when purchasing tools online. Fraudulent sites often target reputable brands to attract buyers. Before succumbing to offers on Stihl tools, Milwaukee equipment at a reduced price, or some DeWalt machines on sale, ensure their authenticity. Caution is also required with Bosch products sold off and Makita tools at abnormally low prices.

Cheap makeup brands and drugstores: fraud alert!

The beauty and personal care sector is not spared from scams, with fake sites offering branded products at attractive prices. Be careful when purchasing perfumes and cosmetics Marionnaud, ghd hair care at low pricesOr La Roche-Posay skin care products on sale. The great offers on Sephora items and L'Oréal products at discounted prices should also prompt your caution.

Travel and leisure: watch out for discounted prices on plane tickets, stays, etc.

Travel and leisure deals are another area where scams abound. Before booking discounted vacations on unverified sites, or to buy theme park tickets at exceptional prices, take the time to check the reliability of the offer. Also be skeptical of overly advantageous vacation rentals and cruise offers at ridiculously low prices.

Cheap smartphones and computers: if it's too good, it's wrong.

The craze for the latest technological innovations gives rise to scams. Before falling for smartphones at unbeatable prices, discounted laptops, or some gaming accessories on sale, ensure the authenticity of the site. Distrust is also recommended for DJI drone purchases and offers on VR headsets at exceptional prices.


You will have understood, you have to be wary of (too) good deals on the internet. Do not hesitate to consult the legal notices of the websites on which you wish to make a purchase, consult the brand pages on social networks... in short all the "official" information which could help you to make informed choices in terms of internet shopping!

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