How can I help my parents not to be fooled on the internet?

Online scams are on the rise, and often the victims are people unfamiliar with the workings of the Internet. The proliferation of these scams are causing the Internet users to lose hundreds or even thousands of euros, the most vulnerable, that is to say often the oldest people. 

Are you worried that your parents or grandparents are affected by these scams? We give you some tips to help them not to be fooled on the internet. 

Sailing safely: what does that actually mean?

When your parents browse the Internet, you can advise them to check the reviews on Google of the site in question. By searching for the name of the site on Google, they will be able to see the reviews, comments of other Internet users and be alerted if the site is not recommended by users. 

If your parents want to buy on the Internet, encourage them to be careful with prices that are too low. If the price of a product seems too good to be true, there may be a scam behind the attractive price. 

Attractive offer = distrust and proof of common sense! 

Just like shopping on the Internet, at unbeatable prices, offers received by email or visible on social networks can be scams. So encourage your parents not to click on suspicious links, and to remain vigilant about the messages they receive. 

Free products, significant discounts, contests, or even online lotteries can be scams. Before clicking too much and giving personal information, always check the reliability of the offer.

Buy with caution on the Internet: how to avoid scams?

To buy safely, your parents can also implement these tips, with your help if needed: 

  • Use single-use bank cards

Several banks offer single-use bank cards, which limit the risks. These single-use cards limit the purchase amount, which prevents them from being used a large number of times. Do not hesitate to check with them if this option is available in their bank.

  • Check site security 

If your parents want to buy a product or service, they can check if the site has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security certificate. A site is secured by this device if it has a symbol with a padlock located in the bar of the browser, but also a URL address that begins with HTTPS and not with HTTP. 

Do the check with them a first time, to guide them step by step.

  • Read the legal notices and the general conditions of sale.

Before buying on the Internet, any user should ensure that the general conditions of sale are clear. You can run away from websites with dubious legal notices! 

Helping grandparents through awareness and discussion 

Remember that these tips may be simple and accessible for you, but they may be more complex for your parents or older people to understand. This is why we must first help them on these different steps, for a more secure use of the Internet. 

Explain to them that it is important to protect their personal information, and not to divulge it, especially their bank details. To support them, make them aware but above all communicate with them.

This article can be a springboard to help you with your parents, to suggest that they discuss the subject. But it can also help other people! So don't hesitate to share it with your friends, your family and even leave us an opinion on the advice to give to our parents so that they don't get fooled 😊

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