List of scam sites received by SMS

They have been swarming for several months now: scam text messages. They concern Netflix, Ameli, a pending package, the ANTAI fines service, postage to be paid, your vital card, your bank account... In short, the pretexts are varied but the purpose is very often the same: you extort valuable information (your credit card details, your identifiers to an online platform, your social security number).

Example of SMS (many other examples are present in the comments of this article):

Gov fines: last reminder before increase. file's reference
consult your offense file via:

Here we will attempt to list the list of such harmful sites. This list will be updated as regularly as possible. If you yourself have received sms of this type, do not hesitate to copy / paste them in the comments of this article.

The list is very long, if you want to go directly to the end of the article and to the comments, click here !
ameli-compte-assurance account sfr-ré


This list is not exhaustive. If you have any doubts following an SMS received, ask the question in the comments. If you want to add your experience in comment, you are welcome. Do not hesitate to provide as much information as possible (the sender's telephone number, the message, the proposed link, etc.).

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  1. MARTIN Laurent

    SMS from the phone number: 07 50 70 79 14

  2. Daniel Vasseur

    Today received an SMS from N° 07 73 47 27 98 inviting me to “update” my Carte Vitale on the (fraudulent) website:


    received this day SMS from No. 33773779905 "your NETFLIX space has been restricted. Please update your billing information to restore access: https://espace »
    do not follow the delete link directly.

  4. Maryline

    I just received an SMS asking me to renew my vital card because it will expire.
    I was not suspicious because with Amélie things often change. So I followed the link, and I noted the requested information plus a payment of 75 cents for the payment of the postage to send the card to my home, in blue cards.
    I note the link =
    And the tel number: 0765161163.
    Generally I am wary of anything that strikes me as odd. But I don't know why not.
    I just hope I don't have any issues later.

  5. Carouge

    another scam with new link, expiring Vitale card, link:
    (sending number 0616442729)

  6. Bebert

    SMS received

    Our agents have found that your vehicle did not have the Crit'Air 2023 regulatory sticker
    please recover it under penalty of fine within the next 48 hours
    on the attached link:

    Sent from

    +33 6 26 15 88 82

  7. Bebert again

    ANTAI: You have a late payment of €35,00. File reference 3001785. Consult my offense file via:

    From +33 6 23 98 85 39

  8. Lopez

    CHRONOPOST: Your last delivery was interrupted, the package is currently on hold at the sorting center, to regularize this situation, please go to the site below:

  9. Deb

    HEALTH INSURANCE: Your new vital card is available. Please follow the instructions below to confirm shipment:

    From the number: +33 7 45 41 81 02

  10. Masha

    Last reminder! Your CPF 2023 balance is credited. You have 72 hours left to update your acquired rights in
    2022: https://.

    From +33 6 17 91 97 25

  11. Bravo

    A receipt today

    Your outstanding payment must be settled within 48 hours to avoid transmission of your file to the Banque de France. Act quickly:

  12. Chachaiiiiffe

    I received a new one this morning:

    Info ANTAI: You have a late payment of €35,00, file reference 20023099.
    Consult your offense file via:

  13. Herve

    One of 06 46 93 68 53
    Last reminder before increase.
    File reference: 1954394167.
    Consult your offense file via

  14. JS

    Info ANTAI: You have a late payment of €35,00. Reference file
    3001785. Consult my offense file via:


    LAST REMINDER: State Aid has been put in place to reduce your electricity bill by 75%. All to know:

  15. guillory

    2 nd time I receive this message… what is troubling is that I was fined recently (fine paid of course!!) and inevitably…!!

    Antai: you have a late payment of an infringement of €35. last reminder before increase on 25/06 of the fine to 135€
    To regularize the situation go to:

  16. Ludo

    Scam numbers:

    from +33686802526
    or 0615998157

    Contents :

    (1)new voice message
    on our mail server
    about our meeting
    from Friday June 3 at 17 p.m.
    Dial Now
    the 0895220846

    in order to become aware of it
    and respond quickly

    stop texting here


    new important voice message for XXXX was posted at 19:25 p.m. on the Diff message server. click here**** to read it and respond quickly before this evening
    (1)new voice message
    important on our server
    messaging diff message
    about your appointment
    Monday, January 31 at 11:45 a.m.
    click here***

    in order to become aware of it
    now and answer it

    Let's be careful, before it was scam emails, now it's text messages... never ending!

  17. Gerard Simon

    Is a fraudulent site?


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