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A user sent us a message to declare a charge that appeared on his bank statement under the name of NaturePraise.com-Futrecli.biz 49.80€.
Here is the information he gave us: According to my bank I would have "validated" an online subscription (movie games...) which is not true, I was in Great Britain at the time of the debits and despite a opposition to my credit card in November, I was debited again in December and January without any action on my part. These sites found the numbers of my new card
Still according to my bank, I would have to unsubscribe, which seems very complex to me.
You seem to be able to solve the problem for me but I would like to know your rates and know if there is a possibility of being reimbursed for previous debits?
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Key Info

Recurring purchase Yes
Payment made in a store No. On line
Cancellation purchase on the internet Yes

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