Why do I have card purchases appearing on my account when I did not buy anything?

Do you see expense lines on your bank statement that you want to identify? Certain card purchases come back on a recurring and automatic basis each month? It is likely that your bank card is linked to a subscription. You must cancel the current subscription to stop the debits.

How do I stop payments that are causing me problems?

The free solution: log in to the website that originated the subscription and request a cancellation (you can usually do this either directly via your account or via a contact form. In some cases, you can also obtain a telephone number. )

The paid solution: entrust your problem to a professional. The online service I stop the costs! is an expert in identifying and terminating unknown purchases.

Our opinion : the termination procedures are generally simple to carry out alone. What can be more complicated is to succeed in tracing the origin of the first purchase to understand WHO (which company) charges you for a service each month. Another point that can be complicated for some Internet users: request that payments be stopped when the company does not communicate in the same language as you. It is for all these complications that it can be useful to get help from a service like I stop the costs!