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WACADPAY I want to cancel this subscription

If you notice a WACADPAY payment on your bank account, it means that you have chosen to subscribe to certain websites. Many sites offer this type of subscription in the form of a trial offer, verification of your majority or participation in contests. It is for this reason that you may not have perceived this as a subscription.

If the subscription to the WACADPAY service is not desired, you wish to unsubscribe. Read on to unsubscribe

How to stop the subscription to the WACADPAY subscription?

No need to worry, unsubscribing from WACADPAY is not complicated and no administrative procedure is to be expected. Simply contact the team via their website and as soon as the unsubscription is registered, purchases will be stopped.

Don't want to contact them directly? Online tools are specialized for this. For example the team of I stop the costs!, will be happy to help you cancel your subscription for you. The service is chargeable but you don't have to do anything other than contact them.

How to send a message to WACADPAY?

The WACADPAY email address can be found on their site.

Subscription sites like the one you subscribed to offer different ways to contact them. The email address can be found on their site, often on their contact page where you will also sometimes find a contact form and their phone number. However, in order to leave a written record, we recommend that you send an email or complete their contact form.

Should we file a complaint against WACADPAY?

Please note, this is not a scam if you made the purchase yourself or registered on their website with your bank card. However, if your card has been stolen, it is important to report it to your bank and you can then be reimbursed by the insurance linked to your card.

If in doubt, your bank will be able to advise you. Do not hesitate to contact them if you think you have been the victim of an online scam.

One last piece of advice: how to protect yourself from future unknown withdrawals?

Rule number 1 is to know and understand where you enter your credit card details on the internet. For this, two main principles:

  1. Consult the legal notices and general conditions of sale of the site on which you wish to make a purchase (you generally find the links to these pages at the bottom of the websites). You can also enter the site name into a search engine to view reviews.
  2. remember that nothing is free ! Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you are THE lucky one who won a smartphone or a trip. That you can access free services that are normally paid for (whether streaming series or films, dating sites, clairvoyance consultations, sports coaching or any other service). If you are asked to pay a small amount with your credit card (for a trial offer, to pay shipping costs or for any other reason), make sure it's not a commercial mechanic to subscribe to a service for which you will be billed monthly.

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